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The signing of this alliance allows customers of both institutions to consult their balance in an unlimited manner and withdraw cash, without commission, at more than 2,900 withdrawal points distributed throughout the country.
A credit card is an instrument issued by a banking institution or financial entity that authorizes the person to whom it is issued to use it as a means of payment in different businesses and for different services.
Acquiring a car is a very important decision, so you should analyze what type of car you need according to your budget and consider that you will have to make other expenses such as the payment of tenure and the purchase of insurance.

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When opening an account, people receive a debit card, with which they can carry out their transactions: withdraw cash from ATMs, pay at stores, make electronic transfers, check their Guardadito balance, etc.
Banco Azteca offers its users different channels to check the Guardadito balance and the balance of the institution’s other cards (such as Tarjeta Azteca, Cuenta Selecta, Cuenta Básica and Cuenta Socio):
If for some reason you forgot which is your Banco Azteca user, you will have at your disposal the bank’s unblocking page, in which you will have to provide any of the following combinations of data to receive your user:

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Banco Azteca takes on the mass market strategy and leverages the synergy of Grupo Elektra’s credit and collection experience to become the pioneer of a new way of banking, focused on providing savings and financing services to the popular sector market niche that has not traditionally been served by commercial banks. Banco Azteca’s main objective is to raise funds and provide loans to the low-income sector (segments C+, C and D+).
It has two subsidiaries, Servicios Laborales y Ejecutivos, S.A. de C.V., whose activity is the provision of auxiliary services (payroll administration), with a 99.9% participation, and Banco Azteca El Salvador, S.A. (authorized to begin operations on December 30, 2004). (authorized to begin operations on July 30, 2009), with a 91% participation.
The fund gathering observed a 9% growth in relation to the 2011 fiscal year through its products: Guardadito, Guardadito Dólares, Inversión Azteca and Inversión Azteca Dólares, Inversión Azteca Plazo, Cuenta Socio, Internal and External Payroll, going from $52,439 million in 2011 to $56,986 million in 2012.