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If you are a U.S. citizen or national and have filed an affidavit of sponsorship for another person, you must submit Form I-865, Notice of Change of Sponsor’s Address, within 30 days of your move.
If you are a licensed attorney or accredited representative, do not complete Form AR-11. Instead, go to our Form G-28, Notice of Appearance as an Attorney or Authorized Representative web page for information on updating your change of address.

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In the case of preparing an XML file (examples of file (7 KB)) must be validated with the corresponding XML schemas (Version updated to August 2018) (11 KB) before the declarant proceeds to send it.
This information can also be sent either in the PDF form available for this purpose on this page, for which Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 9.1 or higher, must be installed, or by means of an XML file that must be validated with the corresponding XML schemas (11 KB).

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To be attended by a Social Work professional you can access our virtual rooms on WebEx, download the free application at Below is the schedule with the hours of service (pdf document). Additionally, you can access the following link to learn about the process.
An honor student is considered to be a student who has not been disciplinarily sanctioned and whose weighted grade point average in that period is not less than 9.0 in undergraduate and graduate courses and 9.5 in graduate courses. The academic load must be 12 or more credits in that period. These may cover all three semesters and two semesters per year.
The weighted average of each honor student is obtained by multiplying the grade obtained by the credits of each subject; the sum of this product is divided by the total number of credits taken. Rounding is not used.
Student Facilitator: A category B scholarship will be granted for one academic period, plus an economic benefit to the undergraduate and graduate student who participates as a student facilitator in academic functions of support to teaching, research, extension and student life of the university, in actions that contribute to the teaching function, study groups, projects of academic success, research or extension projects, collaboration in the different chairs or programs;

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Transmission appears to occur by close contact with respiratory secretions generated by coughing or sneezing of a sick person, or with their mucous membranes. Its contagiousness depends on the amount of virus in the respiratory tract.
Although transmission by inhalation of aerosols at distances greater than 1 m seems unlikely, contagion could also occur, especially in closed, poorly ventilated places with a large number of people.
There is currently insufficient evidence to affirm that a person who has had the disease can be re-infected. However, in infections caused by similar viruses, such as SARS, it was observed that affected patients developed immunity to the disease, at least in the short term. While there have been reports of coronavirus-infected patients who tested positive again after discharge, this could be due to sampling errors or patients with prolonged recovery who remained asymptomatic.