Como pago izzi en el oxxo

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Izzi is one of the most important telephone, internet and cable television services in Mexico. Besides being present in the metropolitan area, it also has coverage in more than 61 cities in the country. If you are wondering how to pay Izzi at Oxxo, in this article we will tell you all the details you need.
At Oxxo you have the option to make different transactions and one of them is to pay your Izzi bill. Pay attention to the following section, we will explain how to do it. It is a very fast and simple process.
Oxxo can receive payments even when they are overdue. Your payment will be reflected after one hour. When it comes to this type of payment, it is important that you read Oxxo’s applied payment guarantee.
This policy guarantees that the payment you make at Oxxo will be reflected with the service provider, in this case Izzi, and if this does not happen, Oxxo will help you resolve it. As indicated on their website.


Places and ways to pay izzi: how to pay online, by phone with a credit card, pay izzi via App or in person at branches, banks and establishments. We tell you all the ways and places to pay your izzi bill.
The payment of izzi internet or TV can be made online, by phone, through the mobile app, or in person at authorized branches. Below we will show you all the ways to pay your izzi bill.
One of the fastest and safest ways to make your izzi payment is with the izzi App. This application is free and allows you to manage your services, make payments and have technical assistance via chat 24 hours a day. To activate it and make your payment by this means follow these steps:


Well, if you are one of the people who have contracted the Izzi service and you have no idea where to pay Izzi, here we share with you the alternatives to make your Izzi payment online, by phone or even if it is overdue.
On the other hand, if you paid at banks, supermarkets or drugstores, your payment will be reflected within 1 hour. Except for Walmart group stores and electronic banking payments made outside business hours, which will be reflected in 1 business day.
4- Have your credit or debit card ready and enter your credit or debit card information, once you have done this, confirm the payment.  This way you will have completed your Izzi online payment. If you wish, you can save your card information to pay Izzi in the following months.
If you cannot go to an Izzi branch, store or bank, you can also pay Izzi from home with your cell phone, this through their mobile application, just download their application and do the following.
These convenience stores have become the solution to many of our problems. From here you can make deposits to your accounts or to third parties, pay your cards or even make your Izzi payment.

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Tired of waiting in long lines and not knowing how to pay for services quickly? That’s why we show you the easiest way to pay izzi online and also discover other procedures you can do with this service without leaving your home.
As one of the most popular commercial brands of telecommunication services in Mexico, izzi has earned a good and well-deserved place among the best services of its kind, currently offering the possibility of facilitating your payment and collection transactions through the internet.
If digital means of payment are not your thing, you can opt for another payment method that may be useful to you, being the second most used payment method for izzi the one that makes use of banks and establishments.
Keep in mind that you can also make use of ATMs to pay izzi quickly and without so many complications, remembering also that the popular establishments where you can pay izzi are:
If in any case you need special attention with your account or izzi payment and they have not been able to advise you properly through the internet or by phone, the best alternative is to go to one of the izzi branches around the country, being necessary that you go directly with your receipt, invoice or statement so they can assist you properly.