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Blank check (originally Blank Check) is a 1994 American film directed by Rupert Wainwright. It stars Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, Miguel Ferrer, Tone Loc, Michael Lerner, James Rebhorn, Jayne Atkinson, Michael Faustino and Alex Zuckerman. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, the film was released on February 11, 1994.
The film was shot in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. The castle Preston buys was filmed at 1415 Wooldridge Drive, at the Pemberton Castle (Fisher-Gideon House), which is owned by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The amusement park shown at the beginning of the film is Fiesta Texas (now Six Flags Texas), where they showed several of the rides, including the rattlesnake.

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In a fake check scam, a stranger asks you to deposit a check – sometimes for thousands of dollars, and usually for a higher amount than you’re owed – and tells you to send a portion of the money to someone else. Scammers always have a good story to explain why you can’t keep all the money. They might say they need you to cover the cost of taxes or fees, or that you’ll need to buy supplies or something else.
Fake checks come in many forms. They may look like personal or business checks, cashier’s checks, money orders or money orders, or an electronically issued check. Here’s what you need to know about fake check scams.
These scams work because fake checks usually look just like real checks, even to bank employees. They often have the names and addresses of legitimate financial institutions printed on them. They may even be genuine checks drawn on bank accounts belonging to victims of identity theft. Discovering a counterfeit check can take weeks.